Pattaya Walking Street

Recommended duration : 3 hrs

Opening Hours

- Open daily : 18.00 - Midnight.


- Walking Street is an entertainment and red-light district in the city of Pattaya, Thailand. The street is a tourist attraction which draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for its night life.  

- Walking Street, sources for selling food and drinks, center for Thai and foreign tourists.


- It is a famous and well-known walking street to tourists from all countries. It can be said that if you come to Pattaya but do not go to Walking Street, you did not arrive to Pattaya.  

- Walking Street is full of entertainment places and restaurants. Anyone who enjoys the nightlife, likes to listen to music, and is passionate with the light and sound atmosphere, you will like it.  

- Along the street, there are many interesting shows, such as the magic show, dancing, and singing. Anyone who likes the show can offer some money as encouragement to these artists.  

- This street is located near Pattaya beach and stretches to Laem Bali Hai. 

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