Parody Art Museum

Start : ฿400.00
Recommended duration : 2 hrs

Opening Hours

- Open daily : 9.00 am - 18.00 pm


- Parody Art Zone 1 : Edutainment
    We selected classic paintings that are well known to the public. Then we re-created them by changing figures of paintings into celebrities and movie characters so that they can be viewed interesting.

- Selfie Studio Zone 2 : Joyful Participation 
    Selfie Studio consits of a set of lights and a set, which makes visitors to take photos actively. 

- Sculpture Garden Zone 3 : Interesting Events(Current event : treasure hunt) 
    We recast well-known figures of famous paintings into statues. 

- Media Art Zone 4 : Beautiful Impressions 
    We recast Gustav Klimt's works into a video which touches visitors and makes calm impression linger in visitor's mind. 

- Art Workshop Zone 5 : Good Memory


- PARODY ART MUSEUM is a night museum designed with the topic of PARODY for the first time in the world. The PARODY ART MUSEUM has restructured the artistic pieces with high awareness in the general public in our own unique style based on drawings, sculptures, and video clips.  

- We have decided to operate the museum during night with the idea of making the most beautiful and fun space during night in Pataya, Thailand where everyone may spend their free time in a secure manner. 

- PARODY ART MUSEUM is located at the north of Pataya downtown, and the total area of the museum is 8,300sqm(1,800sqm for the indoor gallery, and 6,500sqm for the outdoor gallery).  

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